Unico Systems “Preferred Contractor”

Fits in any space. A Small Duct High Velocity (SDHV) HVAC is the best system for adding central air to any home. The small, flexible design can be installed anywhere, including spaces with little to no ductwork. This makes SDHV ideal for retrofitting older homes or incorporating into new, sleek designs.

Whisper quiet. Small Duct High Velocity systems are whisper quiet thanks to special sound-absorbing insulation supply tubing. The tube’s core is made of nylon and wrapped with insulation to absorb sound. The Unico System has insulated air handlers, using vibration pads for extra sound absorption. Homeowners experience the comfort of even temperatures without even hearing the system running.

Efficient. Traditional systems with bulky metal ductwork lose air through leaks and holes. But Small Duct systems have less surface area and tighter joints. When installed by a Unico Preferred Contractor, The Unico System can have 0% air leakage, making this SDHV the most efficient system available.

Why choose the Unico System?

Little to no remodeling. The Unico System’s small, flexible tubing allows it to fit in tight spaces. Unico fits where other heating and cooling systems can’t. The modular air supply tubing can be easily installed in attics, ceilings and crawlspaces. Because of our design features, there’s no need to disrupt the living space for installation.

Fits your style. Outlets can be installed in floors, ceilings or walls. They’re out of the way and fit your style. You don’t notice the air vents, just the comfort of your home. Unico offers a wide selection of outlet choices, allowing you to match any home décor or architecture style.

Draft-free, consistent temperatures. The Unico System delivers temperature differential no greater than 2 degrees throughout your home. Traditional systems blast the air into a room, which causes drafts and uneven temperatures throughout the room. From room to room, floor to floor, and floor to ceiling, The Unico System delivers even temperatures and comfort to your entire home.

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